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Thursday Pools

Pool Works offers fiberglass pools and spas from the leading manufacturer in the industry, Thursday Pools. Thursday Pools of Fortville Indiana builds one-piece fiberglass swimming pools, spas and two uniquely shaped wet decks.Thursday Fiberglass Pools are designed and built with beauty, safety, durability and quailty in mind.  Our swimming pools are hand crafted inside an environmentally controlled facility using the most up to date equipment, facilities and materials.  The final quality of the product is a result of state-of-the-art designs, highest quality materials, strict quality standards and highly qualified team members.  We are proud to provide a thirty-five year warranty because we know our swimming pools will provide a lifetime of worry free family fun and memories.

We stand behind all of our products since they are designed using the latest computer technology and time proven specifications and techniques.  All Thursday Pools’ comply with the industry safety standards.


Our molds are constructed  using steel supporting structures, which provides the highest structural integrity of the mold.  Laser alignment and measurements are utilized throughout the construction of each mold, guaranteeing dimensional accuracy.  Our molds are always stored indoors and are never exposed to the sun, rain or snow which protects the high quality surface finish and dimensional integrity of molds.  Our pool molds are constructed with fiberglass shipbuilding techiques since this is where we began the evolution of Thursday Pools.  All this translates into a beautiful masterpiece pool, spa or wet deck.

Our surface gel coats, resins, fiberglass and core materials are made in North America. We were chosen by the largest fiberglass manufacturer, Owens Corning®, to be the first to use their new fiberglass technology.  This assures quality and reduces our environmental footprint. Thursday Pools exclusively uses Owens Corning® OVC™ Reinforcements - Advantex® Fiberglass. Advantex® fiberglass is a corrosion resistant fiberglass which has excellent mechanical properties.


Thursday Pools’ construction can be broken down to the following layers:

Gel Coat Surface.  Thursday Pools’ surface is a mirror finish which is thick and durable as well as, smooth and shiny.  You can have your dog enjoy the pool since they will not damage the tough surface of our gel coats.  The surface of the pool is also as smooth as glass so you don’t have to worry about skin abrasions.

Vinyl Ester Barrier Coat with Chopped Advantex® EC-R Fiberglass Layer.  This provides osmotic blister protection and woven roving print through protection.  Best combination for excellent surface finish and pool quailty.

Chopped Advantex® E-CR Fiberglass Layer.  Thursday Pools applies this layer to provided multidirectional strength.

Woven Roving Layer.  This layer provided both tensile and flexural strength.

Chopped Advantex® E-CR Fiberglass Layer.Applied over the woven roving in order to produce an excellent exterior surface quality and corrosion barrier.  This layer is also impact resistant. 

Honeycomb Core Strengthening.  These are applied to key zones to add additional strength, something not commonly used in the industry.  When used in wall areas, seats, safety ledges and around the entire coping the strength is increase dramatically.

The construction of our pools are second to none and we are confident you cannot find a higher quality fiberglass swimming pool anywhere.  Thursday Pools proudly stands behind our designs, quality and construction of all our products.  With over eighty years of combined experience in fiberglass chemistry, design and engineering, we are the industry experts in fiberglass swimming pools in ways only the end user can appreciate. 

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