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What about portable spas?
MAAX_Collection_2010-6 Pool Works joined forces with Maax Spas because they are among the most therapeutic, easy-to-maintain, energy efficient spas available. We have a spa to fit any budget with prices starting at $3,695. Many accessories are included or available such as a set of steps, safety grab rail, spa table, thermal cover, and cover lifter. Add spa scents to the spa water for the relaxing benefits of aromatherapy to release you from stress, balance your mind and body, free your thoughts, and rejuvenate your spirit.

What's the average cost per month to run a spa?

Maax Spas feature Thermo-Lock insulation which prevents heat from escaping through the spa walls and base. The Spa's Covers are also insulated with the finest certified materials and includes a linear heat seal the entire length of the hinge where heat is most likely to escape. This will significantly reduce energy consumption to hold your operating costs at about $10 per month during the summer and approximately $30 per month in the winter. All of the spa models we carry have Energy Guides to allow you to see the expected operating costs and are much more energy efficient than the majority of spas made by other manufacturers. Compare and see!

Where should you put the spa?
Have you thought about where you want to place your spa? Research shows that if the spa is too far out in your yard, it could be inconvenient. You usually want to place the spa where it is convenient to use, so that you can enjoy it more often unless you want it primarily to enhance your yard. Are you placing the spa on a pad or deck? Do you have a concrete pad or a deck on which to place the spa? If you plan to place the spa on a deck, is the deck rated to carry the load of a spa full of water? (figure 8.4lbs per gallon plus people) Or, what if you do not have a pad? Spa pads are available for this purpose. Do you know how to find someone to do the work for you? Contact your dealer for more detailed answers to these questions. L0808
Also, pay attention to the pitch of the area you are placing the spa. If a spa is too far out of level, the water intake area by the filtration could become starved for water too easily. It will also cause slightly uneven water levels in the spa and an uneven appearance that might be bothersome.

Do you need to have an electrician? How much does that cost?
Although you may be tempted to save a few dollars by hiring your handy friend, neighbor, or relative to handle the electrical work, don't take that chance. It could also void your warranty if your wiring is not done as specified by the manufacturer. You need a qualified electrician who's experienced in spa installation. Talk to your spa dealer, who can recommend to you a licensed, bonded, and highly qualified electrician. So that you know what to expect, most electricians will come to your home and give you a free estimate. (For more information on electrical specifications, click here.)

Do I need a GFCI or a Quick Disconnect? Yes, you do. The GFCI or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter is an
electrical code requirement for the proper installation of any spa. Please note that it is best to mount the GFCI where service technicians can access it to turn off power to the spa, in the event that your spa requires service in the future. (For more information on electrical specifications, click here.)

How will the spa be delivered?
On the day of your delivery, a delivery team will bring your spa to your home. In some cases, you may be asked to assist them in placing the spa where you want it. The delivery team uses a large dolly, and the spa is flipped up to a vertical position and then wheeled to the site. In certain delivery situations, a boom truck or crane may be required. Your spa dealer can assist you with the information you need.

Is there anything in the path of the delivery? Things like trees, fences, concrete paths, and gravel paths can be obstacles to the delivery team. You might not notice these things because you see them everyday, but when you talk with the scheduling department, please provide as much information as you can.

Also be aware that it can be difficult to describe the delivery path so the scheduling department can accurately picture it and plan for it, so you might want to look at the path very carefully before you talk with the scheduling department.

How do I learn what chemicals I need to use?
Although this information is typically covered during your presentation, it's easy to forget the details. After your spa is delivered, bring a water sample into the showroom for a FREE water test. Your dealer will evaluate this test and be able to tell you what chemicals you need to keep your water balanced. You can also receive FREE water testing in the future if you need it.

Who do I call if you have a problem with my spa?
If you have a problem with your spa, call you spa dealer first. Purchasing a spa from your local dealer with a service department is very important for dealing with spa warranty or repair issues. If you purchase a product that doesn't have a technical support team (like mass merchants), you are at risk.


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